Eric Green

Eric Green, also known as the Digital Gangster was always just another casualty of war. The war being waged in the home based business arena with one failure after the next.

He spent 10 years losing badly in the Network Marketing Industry until he went online and made some startling discoveries. As he began to learn the formula’s for making money online and using the power of words to write his way to endless payday’s his world completely shifted.

Today Eric helps build marketing campaigns with the Online Launch Team for aspiring entrepreneurs and teaches marketers the power of words and how copywriting can change their entire trajectory to success.

Winning the war in home business only requires knowing the formula’s and using the right tools ~Eric Green (The Digital Gangster)



Ray Dietrich

Ray Dietrich has an extensive background in sales and internet marketing. He has founded and built traditional businesses such as real estate companies, as well as having success in the affiliate marketing, e-commerce, and the direct sales industries. Until 2016, Ray accomplished all of this while maintaining his status as a full time Sheriff’s Sergeant in Southern California (So those of you working after hours… there is hope!)

An early adopter, he began using old school BBS systems with my commodore 64 in the late 80′s when all of this began. Paying $1.25 a minute to go to surf what would one day become AOL taught him a lot. Ray began working as an internet marketing and social media consultant in 1999. He has built and designed sites for musicians, small and mid level businesses, record labels, clothing companies, entertainment magazines, artists, internet marketers, direct sales distributors, and many more.Ray’s skill in building marketing funnels and advertising the funnels within any niche is often sought out by business owners and entrepreneurs.



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